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Self-study course launches today!
Course duration: 5 Hours

Exciting news! My new ‘Unlock Your Artworld Network’ self-study course is now live! 

Networking in the artworld can be intimidating. The fear of making mistakes, offending others, or feeling out of place in unfamiliar social settings is completely valid. But what if we told you there’s a way to navigate through these challenges with confidence and ease?

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You don’t have to change your personality to build a successful network. This course is for visionary artists and creative leaders who are ready to get out of their own way and take control of their creative careers.

Success in the art world hinges on relationships. It only takes 10 to 15 key connections to kickstart your career. Join me in this 5-step self-study video course. Gain the tools and confidence to build a powerful network in the art world that will open doors for you.

Discover the 5 simple steps that will revolutionise your approach to networking with ‘Unlock Your Artworld Network’!

Who’s It For?
This course is for emerging and mid-career visual artists or creative professionals ready to give their work the exposure it deserves and take their career to the next level. 
You know there are people out there who will love and connect to your work. We know they’ll pay good money for it, too. This course has been carefully designed to help you find, make and develop the network you need to thrive in your field.

What We Cover
From crafting the perfect email to attending events with confidence, this course will give you invaluable insights and simple, practical strategies to forge and maintain meaningful connections in the artworld.

Each module breaks down 1 of the 5 Steps to Unlocking Your Artworld Network:

1. Identify your relationship goals
2. Research your ideal connections
3. Learn self-coaching techniques
4. Practice connecting authentically
5. Maintain professional relationships

What You Get
This self-study course includes:
8 x Guidance Videos
5 x Exercise Videos
11 x Worksheets & Journal prompts

With lifetime access to all course materials, you can work your way through the materials at your own pace, in as little as 5 hours. 

Resources are accessible on both desktop and the mobile app. 

All for only £75!