Unlock Your Artworld Network (Online Course)

You might be super talented, but success in the art world often hinges on relationships. Unfortunately, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

However, it might only take a handful of key individuals to take your career to the next level…so all you need to do, is to learn to identify and engage with them effectively.

You don’t need to be an extrovert or live in a city to build a successful network.

Take this course and discover the best approaches to initiating contact, increasing opportunities and making more sales.

Don’t wait to be discovered…your future is in your own hands!

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How This Course Will Help You

This course has been created to benefit all artists who are eager to elevate their work’s visibility and advance their careers. We know there’s an audience out there waiting to see, celebrate and invest in your work. This course is designed to equip you with the skills to locate, engage, and nurture the contacts essential for success in the art world.


Course Structure

From crafting the perfect email to initiating conversations with confidence, this course provides practical advice, examples and strategies that will help you forge meaningful connections in the artworld.

The course is broken down into 5 key modules:

  1. Identify your relationship goals
  2. Research your ideal connections
  3. Learn self-coaching techniques
  4. Practice connecting authentically
  5. Maintain professional relationships

What You Get

The self-study course is built on the super popular Might Networks platform, and our designers have worked overtime to create an experience that’s user friendly, easy to follow and a pleasure to use.

Work through the videos and worksheets that we’ve created for you at your own pace. With lifetime access to all course materials, there’s no time pressure and you can dip in and out at your convenience.

The course is available to access on desktop, tablet and the free mobile app, so you can continue to learn, even when you’re on the move.

Guidance Videos

Ceri will be your guide and mentor as you work your way through the courses 5 steps.

Enjoy the Journey

Beautifully designed worksheets make learning seem like a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Take it Anywhere!

You can access the course platform on your laptop or using the free downloadable app.

Creative talent can get you noticed, but it’s your connections that will help develop and sustain your career.

Let Ceri guide you through her simple and stress-free approach to nurturing impactful relationships with gallerists, curators, commissioners and producers.


What People Are Saying About The Course

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Rich, generous, adaptable and clear - gold dust to artists!"

Jane Fox
Course Member

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This is information gold. I’ve never seen another course that covers what this one does. It’s seems fairly unique, because so many in the art world seem reluctant or embarrassed to talk so openly about the nuts and bolts.”

Ella Clocksin
Course Member

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Demystifies networking and gives you a very practical helpful meaningful strategy. It's saved me the hassle of spending 2 or 3 decades working out how to do it.''

Theresa Bruno
Course Member

Unlock Your Artworld Network

Don’t wait for opportunities to find you. This course will transform your creative career.

*Please read our course terms of use before buying your course.

£75 (including taxes)

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With three decades of experience in the art world, I’ve guided the careers of thousands of artists, and helped them to foster lasting connections.

I’ve created this course to aid you in the process of forging relationships that will help your career progression, by ensuring that you’re never alone on your creative journey”

Ceri Hand
Creative Coach

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