Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

At Ceri Hand, we’re a small, but mighty team that dares to be different. With our experience and passion for working with extraordinary creatives, we’re reimagining what an arts company can be. We’re committed to building an enriching, supportive, and sustainable creative community that embraces everyone at any stage of their artistic journey. Our mission is to embed Equality, Diversity & Inclusion principles into everything we do, making it part of our culture and customer experience. We lead with generosity, adventure, and openness to demystify the art world for all, from team members to potential customers.

The following principles are drawn from our company values and adheres to legislation outlined in the Equality Act 2010. 

We see creative potential in individuals and offer fresh perspectives to help them achieve their goals. 

+ Our onLine platforms prioritise customer safety through accessibility, user-friendly navigation, and dedicated customer service. We continuously monitor and improve based on constructive feedback.

+ We welcome feedback on all learning materials to ensure they are useful to our customers. Please email hello@cerihand.com if you have a specific request.


EMPOWERMENT We are committed to enabling others, and recognising everybody’s unique contribution. We bring positivity and generosity to every situation.  

+ Our mission is to build a diverse team that defies traditional art world norms. We advertise widely for roles, ensure interview panel members align with our values, and continuously monitor and improve our selection process.

+ We provide equal opportunities, a safe environment for idea-sharing, and encourage our team and partners to celebrate their unique skills. We encourage people to see their value through defined KPIs and data-driven results that make a real impact on our community. 

+ Ensure all talks and event recordings have legible captions and subtitles to support different styles of learning. We encourage our speakers to use informal language and speak clearly and positively.


PLAYFULNESS We embrace difference, humour, imagination and fun. 

+ We use friendly, conversational language in our communication with the aim that our tone of voice is appealing and accessible to a broad creative audience. This is also supported by our choice of brand imagery, which we select to reflect our community. 

+ We encourage the use of inclusive language in all communication. This is essential in helping us create a safe environment where everyone feels welcome and championed. Historically many people have been excluded by language that undermines and ignores them. Here are some examples of how we’ll aim to change this: 

  • We will refer to individuals and groups by their specific preferred racial, national or ethnic identity
  • We will use gender neutral language 
  • We will use preferred pronouns 
  • We will use language that puts people first

COMPASSIONATE CURIOSITY We pay attention, listen deeply and ask thoughtful questions.

+ We attract and welcome new voices and perspectives by listening to others. We partner with innovative programmes and organisations to support and broaden our training, recruitment and policies to ensure a fair and unbiased approach.

+  We champion working smartly and effectively. We provide flexible working patterns for our team including full time and part time roles, freelance opportunities, remote working and flexible working hours.

+ We invite and welcome honest feedback from our community about our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practices to ensure we are always improving and adapting to make effective change. You can email hello@cerihand.com with your feedback.


RESOURCEFUL We think creatively to achieve the most impact by whatever means possible.

+ We are committed to establishing wider networks to develop best practice and innovation in policy making. We want to be inspired and to learn from other industries to ensure we’re creating a dynamic business model.

+ We use data to monitor our community network, including protected and non-protected characteristics, to ensure inclusive representation. Some characteristics may be tracked through confidential forms or surveys, with opt-out options.


INSPIRATIONAL We lead the way by being an example to others. We achieve more than we thought possible.

+ We promote respect and dignity for all. We will not tolerate any bullying, trolling, harassment, victimisation or unlawful discrimination against a member of our community. We have a welcoming and open approach for sharing a negative experience privately to a senior member of the team.

+ We review our EDI practices so they continue to evolve and grow with our community needs. This is done within the quarterly strategy review & planning.  

We share our Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy with new team members and our wider creative network to invite them to join our mission of uplifting and championing all individuals, and fostering a safe and inclusive creative community.

This policy also sits publicly on our company website to ensure our commitment is clearly available to our community.

Last updated Jan 2024