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In just two hours, Ceri Hand can empower visionary artists, creative leaders and entrepreneurs to dream bigger and achieve more with her inspiring and informative keynote talk.

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The 5Cs Framework

Ceri’s 5Cs Framework keynote speech is a master class in creative transformation for groups of any size.

Ceri Hand has distilled everything she has learned over the last 30 years into five core principles called the 5Cs Framework. These principles exist to help creatives reach their goals and unlock limitless potential. The 5Cs are Create, Collateral, Community, Confidence and Cash.

"My keynote speech gets into the nitty gritty of each of the 5Cs Framework and leaves artists with actionable steps to take forward into their careers."

What We'll Cover


Why the 5Cs are so crucial to creative success.


How to find your authentic creative voice and rhythm.


How to promote yourself and market your work.


Making meaningful art world connections.


How to manage your mindset, build confidence and resilience.


Setting income goals, defining rates and income streams.


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Today's session was absolutely jam packed with constructive info! So much to take in and very generous of you to share in such depth.''

John Kipps

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Thanks as ever for your generosity, wisdom and kindness helping to unlock the dark magic of the artworld. The demystifying working wonders again!''

Catherine Bertola

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Ceri's sessions are so far the best attended and their material is still being requested by artists who couldn't take part on the day. We look forward to working with Ceri again!''

Stella Sideli
Artist Initiatives Manager, SPACE

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Gain valuable insights for your team or artist event with Ceri’s top-level arts industry knowledge and experience. Engaging talks that educate and motivate creatives. Book a call, contact us, or email for enquiries.

Talks & Workshop Topics

Ceri also delivers a popular selection of 2 hour talks based on her 30+ years experience in the arts industry. You can select one of the following options which include a Q&A and actionable worksheet. Ceri can also create bespoke talks or workshops based on requirements.

£690 (including taxes)

How Commercial Art Galleries Work
Marketing For Artists
Preparing For Exhibitions and Commissions
Setting Creative Budgets
Negotiation Skills For Creatives
Writing About Your Art Practice

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