Group Coaching Programme

Embark on a transformative 5-week group coaching programme designed specifically for mid-career contemporary artists. Explore the 5C’s framework, a crucial creative toolkit created and led by Ceri Hand. Immerse yourself in live teaching and personalised coaching led by Ceri and a team of hand-picked associates to unleash your creative potential.

Coming Summer 2024

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“Being an experienced contemporary artist can sometimes feel like a solitary journey. Many networking events and creative courses may offer advice that you already know. But deep down, you feel like there are invaluable resources and skills waiting to be explored further. That’s why I’ve created a group coaching programme tailored for mid-career artists like you. Join us to find support, find new collaborators, and gain practical business tools that will propel you to the next level of your artistic journey.”

Ceri Hand
Creative Coach

You will emerge from this transformative coaching programme with newfound clarity, confidence, and a roadmap to success in your artistic journey. Say farewell to self-doubt and financial instability and embrace your potential to make a lasting impact doing what you love.

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