Group Coaching Programmes

Our group coaching programmes offer personalised creative coaching tailored for leaders, arts professionals, and artists. Through bespoke coaching designed to foster innovation, leadership, and resilience, we empower individuals to unlock their full creative potential and thrive collectively.

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Leadership Potential

We refine vision, skills, and impact, empowering arts leaders to achieve greater success.

Creative Confidence

Inspiring innovation and amplifying strengths to elevate contributions within the arts community.

Financial Growth

Harnessing creativity to unlock fresh opportunities and innovative strategies, we broaden professional prospects and drive financial growth.

Your Team

Ceri Hand

Lead Coach

Vanessa Almeleh

Associate Coach

Michael Glassock

Associate Coach

Kim Gowland

Associate Coach

Thomas Groves

Associate Mentor

Al Hopwood

Associate Mentor

Lara Monro

Associate Mentor

Melike Sabak

Associate Coach

Charlotte Sanguinetti

Associate Coach

Zakee Shariff

Associate Coach

Stella Sidelli

Associate Coach & Mentor

Alkistis Tsampouraki

Associate Coach & Mentor

Who we've worked with

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