Transforming Mental Health: Tim A. Shaw’s Creative Vision for Change
Transforming Mental Health: Tim A. Shaw's Creative Vision for Change

Episode 5
2 Oct, 2023

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Ceri interviews artist Tim A. Shaw, co-founder of the Hospital Rooms charity that focuses on arts and mental health. During the interview, Tim talks about his journey as an artist and how his work has transformed inpatient mental health units. He shares the challenges and rewards of collaborating with artists in these settings, emphasising the importance of selecting those who can see the potential in these spaces. Tim also reflects on the emotional and psychological impacts of working in such contexts and the support provided to artists. He shares insights into the motivation behind starting Hospital Rooms and the process of convincing hospitals to collaborate. Tim’s passion for art and mental health shines through as he discusses the power of creativity to bring hope and change to individuals in these challenging environments.


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