Live Webinar: 'Unlock Your Artworld Network' - Make career changing connections the easy way


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Ready to elevate your art career to new heights? Join our exclusive webinar, Unlock Your Artworld Network! Craving to expand your art community connections, receive valuable feedback, and open doors to endless opportunities? We understand your desires and the fears that may hold you back.

Networking in the art world can be intimidating, but there’s a way to navigate with confidence. In this free webinar, Ceri Hand, a creative coach and art world insider, will guide you through our new course. Discover 5 simple steps to revolutionise your networking approach. Ceri will provide a sneak peek into the course content, including insightful strategies, videos, and worksheets.

But wait, there’s more! Ceri will reveal the key movers and shakers in the art world you need to know. Imagine having a roadmap to navigate through artists, galleries, and collectors with ease. Don’t let fear hinder your art career. Join us and unlock your path to success! Secure your spot now for this transformative journey. Let’s Unlock Your Artworld Network together!

21 August, 9-10 am (GMT)