Samantha Bishop
Data Manager

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Lives & works in Porto, Portugal

Sam has many years experience working with artists from all around the world. Her career began at sea where she was an onboard Art Gallery Manager, Auctioneer and Art History Lecturer. Sam has had the incredible opportunity to work with artists that create art in many forms and mediums and has hosted many live painting tutorials, exhibitions and shows in ports around the globe. Sam is a huge advocate of supporting artists to reach their dreams. Sam manages our customer data flow from sales funnels through to pipeline and reporting. She’s establishing a brand new CRM system so we can understand and service our clients better. Sam’s interested in how we can use AI within our business.

Career Highlight:
Facilitating an artist in residence program at sea, giving artists from all over the world the opportunity to travel and exhibit at sea.

Special Sauce:
Connecting with artists to understand their dreams and helping them to take the first step in investing in themselves and their future success.