Lucy Murphy
Head of Integration

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Lives & works in Liverpool, UK

Lucy has 15+ years of experience working closely with artists and creatives. From initial roles as Gallery Manager at Ceri Hand Gallery, 2008, through to Curatorial Assistant at Liverpool Biennial, 2012, Lucy then moved into the creative industry working in Client Services at Uniform & Continuous brand Studio. She is now excited to be re-united with Ceri to help her run the business and champion creatives. Working behind the scenes at Ceri Hand, Lucy heads up the team to manage strategic & brand planning, product development, delivery and all things operations.

Career Highlights: :
Curating ambitious exhibitions with international artists during my early career, meeting a network of incredibly talented people whilst working at Continuous Agency and building the team & community at Ceri Hand.

Special sauce:
I really care about quality and collaborating with gifted people to make amazing things happen.